A downloadable game for Windows

Requires Oculus Rift + Motion Controllers
Playing style: standing

Left controller:
Start = Pause + pause menu
X = Reset Orientation and Position
Trigger = Shoot
Grip = Switch between two weapons
Thumbstick = Move

Right controller:
A = Selection (in menus)
Thumbstick = Turn
Trigger= Shoot
Grip = Switch between two weapons


Hello Soldier.

We have located Dr. Jonas.
He was specialized in gene manipulation and mutation in GEMU research lab.
Dr. Jonas was experimenting gene manipulations between human and mosquito DNA, but something went wrong.
Witness and gene reports says that his DNA was changing. 
He transformed or in other words, mutated.
We're not entirely sure so be cautious.

Your mission is to find him from the location we have sent you and eliminate him by any means necessary.
Be careful. 

We will come back after the mission to pick you home, no matter what the outcome will be.

Good luck, Soldier.


Duckfactory_Wrath_of_the_Eternity_Itikka_VR.zip 281 MB


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does it have htc vive support?

Sadly no. Any of us doesn't have vive :c

But we could do that even if we don't have one, but will need feedback from people who use HTC Vive