A downloadable game for Windows

The game is played by 2 players on the same computer. Game can be played either using the keyboard or gamepad (for player two)



Player 1 - Mr BonBon (Monster)

WASD - Movement
Spacebar - Jump
E - Use / Hold / Release
F - Punch / Reveal Platform

Keyboard or gamepad

Player 2 - Clementine (Girl, Seer)
Arrow keys - Movement
J - Jump
K - Materialize / Dissolve
L - Seer Vision

Left Thumbstick - Movement
Face Button Down (x) - Jump
Face Button Left (Square) - Materialize / Dissolve
Right Shoulder (R1) - Seer Vision

Couple of Bugs.

Last room intro cutscene not working, which mess up with the Mission UI

Install instructions

extract and play.


Seer's Tomb.zip 307 MB

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