A downloadable game for Windows

Papolli (Prototype)

A Mashup of Pac-man and Monopoly, created for 8 Bits to Infinity ~ Mashup Jam


The game is turn-based. Player and four (4) enemies takes turns to roll a dice and move the amonut dice will give. 

Player's job is to collect all houses toi win. Each house gives $1.
There is a 3% chance that on every move player makes, one of the uncollected houses will give player $5 upon collecting it. This only lasts 3 full turns.

Player have 8 different "Power Ups", some of them can kill enemy/enemies, some gives huge adventage to the player. Player can buy power-ups for $10 each.

Enemies can kill player. However, they never try to follow the player due to their 100% randomized movement.

Each enemy have a hotel presented with the same color. If player kills an enemy, player may conquer its hotel, causing the enemy never respawn again. Also giving player $5

If player dies 6 times, the game is over.

1.  FREE ROLL, player can roll dice twice in a row.
2. MELEE, enemies can't kill player, instead player kills enemy. Lasts one full turn.
3. SHIELD, enemies can't touch the player, however this counts as player's turn.
4. BULLET, shoot a bullet in chosen direction. Killing an enemy instantly if hit.
5. BOMB, place a bomb under the player. If enemy touches it, it will explode. Killing EVERYTHING in 3x3 area. 

6. TELEPORT, teleport at chosen location. Counts as player's turn.
7. DOUBLE COUNT, multiplies dice number by 2.
8. GHOST FREEZE, freezes a selected enemy, skipping its turn for one full turn.


Movement/Navigation = Arrow Keys
Selection/Roll Dice = Enter


Programmer - Nene (Sira)

Pixel-Art - Pepumu

Music & Sounds - Hicelor

Install instructions

Unpack and play.


Papolli.zip 62 MB