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UE4 #WinterJam 2019!

Silly running match racing on the iced path that does have trap or two there and here, a little "jump puzzling" as well, but remember, it's a little task to try and control your character that's running on the iced road!


Used PS3 controller to build up controls.

Navigation in Main Menu: 
D-pad keys. To play, simply highlight "Play" button and press D-pad up to open more options to choose from single play up to 4 players 
(trust me, playing with friends is way better in this game!)

Graphics buttons holds four (4) setting buttons, Low to Epic.
Quit button pops up smaller window to confirm your exiting.

By Pressing Face Button Bottom (x) you can select highlited option.

Player have four different skills: 
Each skill have their own unique cooldown.

Left & Right Shoulders (L1, R1): Scroll through skills, highlighting one at the time.
To use highlighted skill, press Face Button Right (O)

The last skill is a little bit different. 
It's targeting system, so with Face Buttom Right targeting, targeting jumps between players that are in range. 

With Face Button Left you can deselect target (stop targeting) 
AND with Face Button Top while having a target, you can swap places with  your target.

With Left and Right Triggers (L2, R2) you can change graphic settings on runtime.

Left Thumbstick axis to move and Right Thumbstick axis to look around.

With Face Button Bottom (X) you can jump.

With Special Right (Start) you open pause menu. With the same button you un-pause as well. While in pause mode if you press Special Left (Select) key, it will close the game.

Here's the same mappings for Keyboards and mouse:

In Menu:
D-pad = Arrow keys
Face Button Bottom = Enter

Move around = WASD
Look Around = Mouse

Jump = Space Bar
Scroll through skills = Mosue Wheel (up/down)
Use highlighted skill: Left Mouse button

Targeting Skill
Target through players = Left Mouse Button
Deselect/Stop Targeting = Right Mouse Button
Swap places with your current target = F

Toggle pause = Escape (ESC)
Quit game while in pause = Enter

Install instructions

Unzip and you're ready to go!


Duckfactory_IceTrackRacing.zip 834 MB

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